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"We made a batch of this tonight for a late-night study group, but instead of working in freeze-dried fruit, we just made the sesame seed/peanut candy, put some sliced fresh fruit into bowls and let people top off their candy with whatever they wanted (kind of like putting cheese on a cracker ;) It was sticky cleanup, but a big hit! I'm sure we'll be making this again. We might work in some sunflower seeds and chocolate chips this next time too. We could never get the sugar mixture to string though - we made ours with honey instead of the syrup, so that might be why. Still turned out delicious - that's what counts!"
in Sesame peanut candy (Kkae-ttangkong gangjeong) — Sep/15

"I found one at Koamart for less than $10 - but can someone verify that this is the same thing? The description says it is good for storing "cold" food, which makes me wonder if this is meant to be used on the stove or if it is actually something else:"
in Earthenware bowl — Feb/15