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"Dear Maangchi, Annyong haseyo. I am super excited to see Malaysia is in your list.. can't wait to meet you. Kamsahamnida"
in Gapshida itinerary announced! — Sep/11

"i have made my kimchi n its has nice red colour.. but becos of the birds eye chillie it became too hot...aigooo .. i put it too much"
in Easy kimchi — Jul/11

"Dear Maangchi.. I have been using your kaktugi kimchi for my kimchi for sales. I would like to try this today.. I have 3 orders which has been postphoned for quite sometime since I have no helper (my daughter which always do all the cutting has gone to college.. so mom a bit lazy to do all the chopping :)).. I bought all the item just now.. and saw this mak kimchi recipe. I also bought some "bird eye chillies" which I wanted to try and put it whole in the kimchi to get that "ummmpph" hot kick. Will post the pict if its ok. Thanks Maangchi"
in Easy kimchi — Jul/11

"Congrats for the new book, I wish I can get one free. Thank you Maangchi for your recipe because of you I became kimchi seller now amongst my friends."
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11