OhioMu's comments

"Maangchi, Sometime when you have time, can you please do a short video on how you care for your chef's knife. I love my new Sanelli knife but I have no idea how to sharpen it, how long you should go between sharpenings, what kinds of cutting boards will dull your knife faster, how you store it, and things like that. This is the first time I have owned a nice knife and I want to take the best care of it. Thanks for your time :0)"
in Knives — Feb/18

"I bought jujubes from the refrigerated section. Can I freeze what I am not using right now and take them out as I need them for future recipes? Thank you! :0)"
in Dried jujubes (Daechu) — Feb/18

"I have much more buchu than I needed to make white kimchi. Is there a way to freeze it so I dont have to throw it away if I cannot use it up before it goes bad? I hate to waste food. Thank you!"
in Asian chives (Buchu) — Feb/18