Oksusu's comments

"This looks absolutely delicious I love how you Fred the whole chicken also the chicken looks very small. What chicken did you use?"
in Korean market-style fried chicken (Sijang-tongdak: 시장통닭) — Jan/19

"I loved it,Maangchi, you would be proud of me!!"
in Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul) — Jan/19

"Great video and a wonderful recipe love your videos keep on making them for us"
in Cheonggukjang (Extra-strong Fermented Soybean Paste) 청국장 — Jan/19

"This looks great it’s a shame though as I can’t afford to buy a dehydrator and in England it’s hard to find some of the ingredients"
in Korean beef jerky (Yukpo: 육포) — Jan/19