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"Hi, Maangchi! I want to thank you for this wonderful recipe as well as for many other recipes that you've posted. My family is korean and earlier we lived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. So during all of that time we cooked aka Korean-Uzbek cuisine. And when accidentally I'd discovered your site this added "a new wave" to our usual menu. We regain authentic taste of Korean cuisine and my family and me loved it so much. Thanks God, korean ingredients are also available now, so ssamjang and namul and soups and rice cakes I cook only by your recipes. Besides we like to watch Korean dramas and always interested in preparing different dishes that we have seen and your site always help us. Thank you very much for your work, we keeping on watching!"
in Ssamjang (Korean spicy dipping sauce) — Jul/13

"Hello Maangchi! I'm was very excited when I found out your site. So many authentic recipes that are easily to prepare :) Your recommendations help everyone who love cooking and want to discover new tastes. And I'm sure that you have a lot of fans not only because of interesting recipes but of your kind jokes and sincere love for cooking as well. Maangchi, we're eager for new posts:))"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11