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"Also, I have a question..I live in western WA, and we don't get very much sun around here. I'd say in the past week we had 2-3 days that were sunny, and it was only for a couple hours each day. The gochujang won't spoil, will it? Will it just take longer for my gochujang to ferment in my location?"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Apr/12

"I have been wondering for a while how homemade gochujang is made/how it tastes! I am going to start on my gochujang as soon as I buy the ingredients and a pot :D"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Apr/12

"Also, what are good alternative vegetables to use? I read online that mustard greens was a good substitute for endive, but I thought the taste was too strong. What about curly endive? I just found it today after I made this dish a couple days ago, and was wondering what the difference is in their taste. It's very hard to find the kind of endive you used in your recipe where I'm from. :("
in Endive mash and Dutch meatballs — Feb/12

"What type of mustard should I use for this?"
in Endive mash and Dutch meatballs — Jan/12

"Hi Maangchi! I fermented my ohjingeo for a month, but when I pulled it out it had mold on it!! :( Can it still be used, or should I try again? And what should I do next time to make sure it doesn't get mold?"
in Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) — Feb/11