OrionUnas's comments

"Hi Maanchi, it is me again, elusive Orion looking for help! I recently learned that my girlfriend (from korea) may be expecting my child. Well, I am very happy to hear this, and I would like to celebrate by cooking some delicious food for her. In Korea, what is recommended I cook to promote a healthy baby, and to help my girlfriend's struggle? I thought maybe a soup, but is there something better? Thank you very much! Orion."
in Ox bone soup (Seolleongtang) — Sep/11

"I must ask! Where did you find this steamer? I live in Canada, and I am trying to find one like this. Is there a website I can try? Thank you so much!"
in Stainless steel steamer — May/11

"I would love to try this recipe. My friend from Korea is visiting for a few months, and I want to make this for her. However, I don't have a steamer, not like the one you have. I just have a very humble steamer that came with our cooking set, and it is dipped and not flat. I am trying to think of alternatives. We also have a jarring pot, now if I could only have a large enough steamer to fit the cake. Do you have any idea's? Thanks!"
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — May/11