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"hello! maangchi. this is seung keun who is from south korea in gunsan. how have you been? I have been fine well. well, maangchi! actually,I need your help that will be my dream in the future. it is just small things as this connetion each other. I know you have done lots of activities as having special topic for korean foods. I think this is culture in the world. that is why I will give you some kind of information like custom of foods from korea including points of each area. I will do this with person who is the expert in korea. I hope you will be more professional and famous in the world. I respect you because have done this job that nobody try before. cheers."
in Dried pollock soup (Bugeoguk) — Jun/10

"Wow! long time no see. I have been waiting for your news so far. I think your cooking style is getting better. I am looking forward to having a time for other cook as well. thanks and see you!!"
in Skewered pancakes with vegetables and beef (Pasanjeok) — May/10

"WOW!!that's really great to everyone. I think they love korean and culture. I hope everybody will have a nice time again. you are the best! see you."
in My April 22, 2010 Korean cooking class in New York — Apr/10

"Fantastic!! I am sure you are the best in the world. I think you are the special person who likes korean culture. I want to be a person like you in the future. please, tell me more your story. best wish."
in My interview with Voice of America radio — Apr/10