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"Any other common flavors? I can't handle spicy so korean food can be a challenge sometimes. I was thinking about shrimp powder-especially inside. Also it could be painted when nearly dry with soy sauce maybe? perhaps something like oyster sauce?"
in Fried seaweed paper coated with glutinous rice paste (Gim-bugak: 김부각) — Dec/17

"can you substitute pork? If so, which cut do you recommend? Around here pork is $1-3 a pound where beef is $4-12 a pound lately. I can get a whole pork picnic shoulder for the same price as an average steak."
in Bulgogi Korean beef BBQ — Nov/17

"I have a grain mill. If I just grind up mung beans, is that the same thing? If so can I do that with other pulses and legumes? The asian markets near me have a layered green and yellow jelly that I love and the yellow layer is a little more granular, a little like sweet bean paste. I don't know what country it is from, but is there anything like that in korean cuisine? do you have a recipe available? I just bought your book, and I can't wait to play. I just need to really reduce the spice levels as I can't handle spicy. Your videos are a wonderful learning tool though."
in Mung bean jelly starch powder (Cheongpomuk-garu) — Nov/17