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"How funny I just saw those at my farmers market this past weekend and was wondering what to do with them. Maybe I'll go and buy them next Saturday. Do you have any good recipes for this?"
in Ramps (wild garlic) — Apr/10

"Hi Maangchi, I made this kimchi recipe today and I cant wait to eat it! Ive made the other recipe for kimchi before with the whole cabbage and it was fantastic! I also made the Kaktugi also, my mom is coming for a visit from Maui so I made it today so that it can ferment a bit before she gets here next month. I love all of your recipes and have been cooking from your website for over a year now, I finally decided to leave a comment today. Thank you so much for sharing all of your recipes with the world! My husband is half korean but knows nothing of the the cooking and culture because he was born in Hawaii and so my 3 year old daughter is 1/4 korean and I want to teach her about her culture. I dedided to learn Korean cooking since Ive always loved to the food and that way I can teach my daughter one day, by the way Im japanese born in Hawaii also. Hahaha I just found kimchi paste up my arm as I'm typing! I just finished mixing everything...I guess I should wash my arms better :)"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/10