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"Koreatown in Los Angeles has a lot of delicious places! I saw somebody suggested the Ktown Galleria food court which is good because of all the choices and seating but Cho Sun is great too, more of a sit-down restaurant type and not as casual. Ahhh... Ktown. So many little restaurants that specialize in a certain dish, so hard to choose. I can't wait for the meet up!"
in Meetup in Los Angeles — Aug/10

"After months of eying your site, I finally followed a Maangchi recipe to try to remake one of my favorites, yook gae jang. My friends and family warned me it was a time-consuming dish so I was relunctant to attempt this. But I made it and when I tasted the broth, I felt a tad let down until I realized I had forgotten the 7 garlic cloves you put in during your video lesson! After I put that ingredient in, the broth tasted so much better! Much more fuller! And NO MSG, I love it! Of course, I did add a couple serrano chiles and some more spoonfuls of red pepper flakes because I like my food verrrry spicy...."
in Spicy beef and vegetable soup (Yukgaejang: 육개장) — Aug/10