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"Hello Maangchi! I am new here and I am enjoying your website very much. I was very happy to see this recipe because it reminds me of my favorite banchan dish, salty clams, at the BCD Tofu House in Los Angeles. So, I salted up my squid a week and a half ago, and every day I take it out and look at it to make sure nothing funky is going on. I have a question: Even though I followed your directions to a "t", I have the urge to pop the lid off and add more salt to the squids. Would this be a bad thing? Is it possible to over-salt the squids? And, if I pop the top off will that interrupt the fermentation process? I certainly don't want to mess up this recipe. Thanks, and when it is done I will add some pictures here!"
in My readers’ 1 month project: making ojingeojeot — Dec/10