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"Hi, thanks for your great blog. As I scour the internet for traditional gochujang recipes, I can't find anything about benefits/drawbacks about different weather conditions during the many months of fermentation. Gochujang was traditionally made in the fall, and stored in onggi, and historically it was aged outside on a jangdokdae. The Korean peninsula has weather that is roughly similar to mine here in Vermont, although the southern parts of Korea are milder in the winter. I have a big stoneware crock of gochujang fermenting right now, and after keeping it indoors on the ledge of a bay window where it could get some of our infrequent winter sunlight, I decided to move the whole crock onto our back porch. We're now in a cold spell, with temperatures in the low teens, rising into the 20s during the day. I've seen pictures of snow-covered onggi but haven't read anything about significant temperature fluctuations and its effect on fermenting things -- whether gochujang, doenjang, or ganjang. I would welcome your perspective on the effects of temperature on Korean fermented goods. Again, thanks for your blog! Patrick in Vermont"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Dec/18