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in Korean recipes for the holidays — Dec/11

"aaa!!!! maangchi i am so pumped about your dakbokkeumtang! i've actually been waiting for this moment, and it's cool that it's happening in amsterdam, ha. congratulations, hope yr havin an amazing trip so far. safe travels, and i hope u return safely with lots of bomb memories of food! miss ya!"
in Gapshida Amsterdam — Oct/11

"wooo go maangchi!! i'm so excited for your global cooking project, and glad that u had a great time at the camp. can't wait to see your next posts."
in My YouTube Creator Camp experience — May/11

"ya these were bomb maangchi!"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — May/11

"WOW this looks like so much fun and the food looks delicious. i want to bite that fish's face off! i can't wait till i'm in new york again so i can visit you. reading about this event and watching this video made me so happy, ur the best!!"
in New York kimchi contest report – June 26, 2010 — Jun/10

"looks beautiful! i love eating korean food at the park, it reminds me of childhood. i wish i could be there!"
in Getting my permit at Prospect Park — Jun/10