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"Mangchi! Lots of White dots and white mold on my Guk-ganjang! Is this okay if I just filter them out? I filtered after Doenjang, boiled, and then fermented again in my Onggi and lots more appeared. Is this okay?"
in Soup soy sauce (Guk-ganjang) — Nov/20

"Inches, My meju blocks are very Very dry, and only one of them grew white mold. Can I still use them for Doenjang? Will they ferment property in the salt water bring and so on?"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Apr/20

"This is all so helpful! Thank you again!! My blocks are drying nicely and just starting to grow white mold - onto the hay next :)"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Apr/20

"Thank you!"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Apr/20

"Mangchi! 안녕하세요 I am a big fan of yours! I am a chef and love all your recipes, thank you for posting so much content and for your cookbooks too :) I have two questions, I am about to make Doenjang, and I can only find “Thai” or Binchotan style charcoal as well as organic hay, will these work for making Doenjang? I posted a picture so you can see what I am using My second question is: if there is a lot of cloudy days where I am and I still hang my meju / put my Onggi in the window, will the recipe still work to be “disinfected” enough? I see a lot of your subscribers have bad mold growth from not enough sunlight Thank you! -Matthew"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Mar/20