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"This is so cool. Just the other day my mom made some Chilean treats called "calzones rotos" (torn underwear in Spanish). Why do I mention this? Well, the shape is almost identical to maejakgwa! Calzones rotos have baking powder in them so they are puffier than maejakgwa. And instead of a syrup, they are sprinkled with powdered sugar. But, I will definitely try making maejakgwa! :) You can see a pic of calzones rotos here:"
in Ginger cookies (Maejakgwa) — Jul/12

"Hi Maangchi! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us...I really enjoy your videos :) I'm looking forward to this contest because it's kind of hard to get Korean ingredients where I love...keeping my fingers crossed!"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11