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"This looks really good and healthy! I think I read somewhere that boiling broccoli lightly as you do here is the best way to make its nutrients available. I wonder if this recipe would be good with cauliflower... Fette Sau is delicious!! :)"
in Korean style steamed broccoli salad — Apr/13

"I hope you have a great trip! If you have any events or demonstrations in Mexico City, will you post them to this blog? I have a good friend there who has just started following your blog and would like to attend! (She also wants to know the location of your favorite taco place, but I can understand if you want to keep that a secret!)"
in Making kimchi before leaving for Mexico! — Mar/13

"Thank you Maangchi! I was one of the many people who requested this recipe! I might add some more vegetables at the end to make it a sort of "one-pot" sort of meal...."
in Traditional-style spicy braised chicken (Dakbokkeumtang: 닭볶음탕) — Jan/12

"Great photos! Love that kimbap!!"
in Gapshida party in Wellington — Nov/11

"Wow! This is my favorite post so far -- the picnic food looks so good, and the weather looks nice (unlike NYC, where it has been snowing). Thanks for the photo of the Korean Air meal -- that was cool to see for those of us who haven't traveled much!"
in Gapshida Sydney — Oct/11

"Sounds like a really fun time, though that first night in the hotel sounded miserable. I can't wait for the recipe for dakbokkeumtang! (hint, hint ;)"
in Gapshida Amsterdam — Oct/11

"bon voyage, maangchi! we will all be looking forward to your updates!"
in Leaving for my Gapshida journey — Oct/11

"seems like a good fall recipe -- i can't wait to try it (with the extra touch of black bean paste!)."
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Sep/11

"Maangchi, Thank you as always for a great post. I have a question -- were you able to find mugwort growing in central park? I have been looking for a mugwort plant to keep in a pot at home. I want my apartment to smell relaxing, like the jjimjilbang does!"
in Mugwort (Ssuk) — Apr/11