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"Hi Maangchi!!! I love korean bbq. I eat it in restaurants and we tried it at home, it was better. Lettuces are actually expensive here in my location. I can't even find perila leaves. I was wondering, can I also Napa Cabbage as a wrap or what other leafy vegetables can I use as a wrap? I asked about napa cabbage as it's always available here. I hope you could help me out. More power Maangchi. I love you! ^_^"
in How to eat Korean BBQ — Jul/18

"Maangchi I just love your videos. It's the reason why I want to start eating healthy. I want to make this kimchi at home but I can't find any Salted fermented shrimp (jeotgal) here in my location. My country has a different version of fermented shrimp but I'm afraid to use it as it may alter the taste of the kimchi. Can you recommend any substitute or can I make kimchi without it? I hope you can help me. Lots of love <3"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jul/18