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"Wow Maangchi, you are FAMOUS!!! The food looked so good!!! Yummy...Oh, I miss durian now after looking at your photos..."
in Gapshida Malaysia — Jan/12

"Congrats to all and happy Korean cooking!!! Merry Xmas to all !!!"
in CJ contest winners — Dec/11

"Hi Maangchi. Instead of cooking in heavy bottom pot, can I use rice cooker? Just by looking at the photos... it is so delicious already!!! Yummy!!! I am going to make it next week... :)"
in Kongnamulbap (Soybean sprouts bibimbap) — Dec/11

"Hi Maangchi... Thanks for coming to Spore. I really enjoyed the lovely photos posted here. I wish I had join in the fun... Have a happy trip."
in Gapshida Singapore — Dec/11

"Wow, I really enjoyed your photos and travel stories of NZ... Yes, please come to Singapore soon!!!"
in Cooking, sharing, and sightseeing in Rotorua — Dec/11

"Hi Maangchi.. I chance upon your wonderful website while searching for korean recipes. Now I have joined your blog!!! Hurray to CJ!!!! Recently I found CJ ddukbokkie sauce and CJ rice cake from my local supermarket. The instruction is really easy and wah lah the ddukbokkie is ready in less than 20 min. Plus it was so delicious!!! My mum and I really love it so much!!! I also introduce it to my friend and now she is addicted!!! ha ha. I would really love to win the CJ startup kit and cook more yummy yummy korean food!!! BTW, I really love your easy kimchi recipe."
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11