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"I am wondering when you made your brine if you used the quart/cup measurements instead of doing it by weight. Salt comes in different sized crystals from large to small and that can almost double the weight of salt you are putting into your brine. The recipe uses 2 x 3lb boxes (Diamond Crystal brand)/ or about 2.72 kilos of Kosher salt minus 1/4 cup for later, so if you use both boxes but save a bit over an ounce/or +33 grams you should be okay. Hope that helps."
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Sep/21

"I also cannot get meju garu where I live. Amazon here does not sell it and my local storekeeper John is trying but so far no luck....... So I am currently making some for myself. I found a recipe for meju for gochujang using soybeans mixed with glutinous rice. If glutinous rice is used, the ratio between soybeans and glutinous rice is 5:2. I am currently doing a test block using 750 g soybeans to 300 g glutinous rice (as an analogue to the normal meju for doenjang). It is currently doing its last month hanging. I am then going to try and dry and grind it. So far it has gone really well. The first time the sweet rice was too wet and the block was sloppy, so the next time I actually got it right by adding less water to make the cooked rice quite dry, then added it hot to the drained hot soy beans and stick blended it. It was a bit stickier than a normal meju block but if you use damp hands it will form well. It is smoother though than a soy only block. I also use my airfryer that has a food dehydrating function (at 60C) to dry the block, to stop insects and bad mould. I put it on parchment paper to start it off and remove it as I turn it and it firms up. About 3-4 hours usually does it, then it can be hung. Hope this helps a few people to feel confident to experiment and if anyone wants to know how it concludes, I am happy to share! I also have pictures as well."
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Sep/21

"Hi Maangchi ssi! Greetings from Western Australia, I hope you are keeping well! I have all your cookbooks and love your recipes, they all work brilliantly! What other traditional flavours (because I like to respect the dishs' origins) are there for these cookies? As a medical researcher I love a good experiment/challenge and would like to play with other flavourings if you can give me some ideas. oxox"
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