Rameses69's comments

"Hi Maangchi. I have been following your videos for several years and I appreciate the way you explain ingredients and processes, making it easy for anyone to enjoy Korean cuisine. Today I made Patbap and the flavor is incredible. To add something spicy, I also made tteokbokki and the two dishes go very well together. I made the tteokbokki with only 1/2 pound rice cake and increased the fish cake to 1 pound and used 6 hard boiled eggs. I made the changes to cut back on the starch and increase the protein. Since I'm comfortable with the basic ingredients, I'm starting to experiment more. A few weeks ago, I was watching the Korean Drama Series, 'Dae Jang Geum' and realized something had been missing from all the Korean dishes I prepared - eating utensils. A search on Amazon and eBay showed me a large variety of Korean chopsticks and spoon sets. Never gave much thought to chopsticks but discovered Japanese, Chinese and Korean chopsticks are very different. I ordered several Korean sets, from the basic plain metal to the fancy stainless steel with turtle pattern, crane pattern, ginseng pattern, and the gold plated titanium. The sets were ordered from vendors in Seoul so now I can eat authentic Korean dishes with authentic Korean utensils which makes dining even more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your love of food. Paul"
in Rice with red beans (Patbap: 팥밥) — Mar/17