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"Hi Maangchi, Thanks so much for sharing your cooking techniques online. I never prepared Korean food before learning from your Youtube videos, but for several months now, I prepare many of your recipes, mostly for breakfast. My favorite has to be pajeong, but I love making mandu also and doenjang jigae...well, on and on. Just tried the wangmandu this morning and we have several chilling in the freezer to enjoy later in the week. Quick story: About 18 years ago my 15 year old son and I were stopped over on a plane flight in Seoul for about 8 hours. We'd never been to Korea before and it was barely dawn, so we, and two friends, walked from the budget hotel where we were staying out into a small, partly residential , partly commercial, neighborhood, looking for a place to find an early breakfast. Everything was closed up and steel shutters pulled down in front of the businesses. There was a shop that had dried fish displayed in a window and as we stood there, a friendly man came up and asked us what we wanted. When we explained, he knocked on the door and an old woman opened the shop for us and prepared the fish in some broth cooked on a gas burner, and served us that with gim and rice and kimchi. It was my first ever Korean food. We left Korea that afternoon, continuing our flight. Over the years I used to think back on that experience and realize that although I'd spent some time cooking western food professionally, and lived in cities like San Francisco and eaten in some very nice places, that breakfast in Seoul was the best breakfast I had ever eaten. Finally, a few months ago, I decided to research Korean food and found you on Youtube. Your recipes have brought a lot of pleasure to me and my family. Below is this morning's breakfast, if I can make the image work, on a very messy cutting board. Wangmandu, soft rice, gim, pickled garlic and steamed egg. All the best, Red"
in King-size kimchi dumplings (Kimchi-wangmandu) — Jul/17