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"Hi! i am so so so excited to try this out! but i dont eat pork, so i was wondering what other meat i could use, and which parts excatly? Also i didnt find the same fresh twisted noodles you reccomended, but the shop clerk gave me these tall, hard,straight stick noodles instead. I did try to get the thickest type i could find, and made sure they were rice based. It was the best match i could find make against the special Jjangmeoyn noodles. Do you think they'll work or should i endeavour to find the right noodles? Finally, i saw alot of posts that said to balance out the saltiness with sugar? i was luckly able to find the correct fremented blackbean paste, but i am cooking half the servings, so i just wanted to see if you could speculate how much sugar would that add up to"
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Jul/17