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"Dear Maangchi! I made these yesterday but missed adding the salt because it’s not included in any step in the recipe directions and I didn’t watch the video. :( Can I add the salt in today when I take out the brine to reheat it? I also see this many times with onions, so I included onions together in the jar."
in Green chili pepper pickles (Gochu-jangajji) — Mar/20

"I am so excited that I found this recipe! This was one of my favorite things in Korea (though my boyfriend doesn't like it), but it was hard to bring any back because they don't have tea bags of it! Now that I found a recipe, I'll be able to make it. Thank you!"
in Dessert punch with persimmon, cinnamon, and ginger (Sujeonggwa) — Apr/14

"I made this for my Korean boyfriend, and he ate the whole pot by himself! Thank you so much! From now on, I'll be coming to this website whenever I want to make Korean food!"
in Spicy radish and beef soup (Maeun muguk) — Apr/14