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"Mama Maangchi, i forgot to buy a pack of hot pepper flakes recently.. I traveled 2 hours just to get to the Korean store in the city (i'm living in a town province). Since, i'm already at home (lol!), should i just use/buy a hot pepper powder instead? Well, i'm not really sure as sure if there's really a hot pepper powder in the market hahaha! Maybe the hot pepper flakes and the hot pepper powder are just the same... I HOPE~! n_n sorry for my horrible english grammar.. XDD"
in Hot pepper flakes (Gochugaru) — Dec/10

"Hi mama maangchi~! Long time no talk haha~! i just bought a pack of rice cake and placed it on the fridge.. I'm gonna cook it on December 31 but i really doubt on its life.. Should i cook it now or is it okay to keep it on the fridge and cook it after 4 nights? Please reply mama maangchi! Thanks~! n_n"
in Tube-shaped rice cake (Garaetteok) — Dec/10