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"You can use Sirloin, if that helps. Sirloin makes a good bulgogi and you can marinade it for longer than an hour to make it better!"
in Bulgogi Korean beef BBQ — Dec/12

"I have seen some Cuchen rice cookers that support European voltage on ebay. The seller is even willing to include an adapter plug as well."
in Rice cooker — Jan/12

"Only the westernized multi cookers are only sold in Europe :(. I hope they sell them in the USA. Multi Cookers are like a rice cooker, but without any rice cooking function :(. LiHom and Cuchen make models, but not sure if those are 50Hz capable (Korea uses 220v at 60Hz not 50Hz.) I hope someone in Europe takes notice and starts selling Cuckoo rice cooker not that Robochef that can't do rice."
in Rice cooker — Jul/11

"That model is a commercial model, which is used for restaurants and other commercial kitchens like Churches. Zojirushi rice cookers from YumAsia.co.uk are a good enough. Cuckoo has finally started selling rice cookers, but they are multi cookers, which aren't really meant for rice. There is a rice mode, but it has non rice related menus. I guess these cookers are catching on in Europe."
in Rice cooker — Jul/11

"It probably wouldn't work due to the hz requirement. It uses 220v, but it's 60 hz not 50 hz, which is what Australia uses. It would work with a powerful transformer."
in Rice cooker — Jun/11

"I wouldn't mind going to a San Diego meetup."
in Chicken & chicken soup (Yeonggye-baeksuk: 영계백숙) — Mar/10

"http://www.cookjapan.co.uk Great rice cooker if you live in Europe. It's hard to get a good rice cooker in Europe due to the EU regulations. These rice cookers are EU certified and are about 8 cups. They do porridge, braise meats, soup, conjee (juk), and cook rice. The owners have a blog with good recipes but if you're in the market for a Rice cooker in europe then check this out. You can also try http://www.yumasia.co.uk where they sell SE Asian Zojirushi rice cookers and Water boilers that can keep the water warm. Hope this helps."
in Rice cooker — Jan/10

"Sanyo does make a great rice cooker. The ECJ-F50S can be had for around $100 and it too is great."
in Rice cooker — Jan/10

"Then again new models are coming out soon like the CRP-HL1055F and the CRP-HF0615F."
in Rice cooker — Jan/10