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"Hello all. The recipe sounds delicious and I would love to make it. However, for a single/widowed person like myself, I don't see myself staying in the kitchen for a long period of time to make the recipe. Since I became single, I find it very difficult to cook. Plus cooking Korean food for one is just not practical. On many nights of the week, I eat at a local neighborhood small Korean family restaurant. . Does anyone knows a Korean restaurant in the Los Angeles area that offers this dish on its menu? Many THANKS in advance."
in Jokbal (Braised Pig’s Trotters) 족발 — Jan/18

"I use hot pepper paste, gochujang, all the time in my cooking. I love it and it kicks up my cooking more than one notch. Today, I am widowed and as much as I love to make it at home, I cannot find time to make gochujang. I usually buy 500 gm tub from the Korean grocery market which lasts me 3-4 months."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/17

"Since my last post here on this recipe, I have cooked the Army Base Stew 9 times. I love it because it is easy to make and hassle free to prepare. Not always I have included all the ingredients. That depended on what I had handy. Please remember I am a one person army. None the less, the stew was always delicious and it filled the stomach. Yummy to my Tummy!!! Today (it stopped raining after three days), I ventured to the Galleria Market in Korea Town. I stocked up on Ramyeons. They had discount on several brands and I decided to fill the shopping cart. I also bought several imported Korean spam cans that were on sale. For today, the Galleria Market was featuring samples of their various Ramyeons. I picked up spicy, seafood flavored, beef flavored, and veggie flavored. After sampling the featured mandus, I also picked up several frozen bags of different mandu flavors that were on sale. (Since I don't speak Korean, I required assistance from the lovely, mostly female, staff in selecting items from the shelves.) Once again, THANK YOU, for this lovely recipe..."
in Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) — Dec/14

"Today I revisited Korea Town and took your recommendation. I bought a box of the Top Ramen brand. And for good measure, I was able to find Korean SPAM. Yes, imported Korean SPAM !!! I made this recipe for dinner as I had the grandchildren over. Nothing left and wished I made some more. While there, I also bought 3 cans of Pike fish. I will be using Maangchi's recipe to make them. Finally, if someone can tell me where can I order the square measuring spoons that Maangchi uses in her videos? I stopped at two Kitchen Supply stores and none had them. Help is always appreciated."
in Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) — Nov/14

"Dear Maangchi, Today I went to Korea Town to shop for the "instant ramyeon". One of the helpers took me to an aisle with nothing but shelves of noodles. I was at loss and confused as to which one I should pick. Needles to say, I walked away empty handed as I was thoroughly confused. Can you please shed some more light on the "instant ramyeon"? Would it be possible to post a picture of the instant ramyeon box/pack? This way I can print it and take it with me to show the helper in the store? I am very sorry to seem like I am so ignorant. Thank you."
in Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) — Oct/14

"As much as I love these recipes posted here on this website, being single/widowed and an older person, some of these recipe require an enormous amount of my time to be in the kitchen. No doubt in my opinion, these recipes when properly executed, are very healthy and delicious. That said, I ventured to the Galleria Market in Korea Town here in Los Angeles. The staff directed me to their frozen section where I was able to find two kinds of the Kimchi-Wang-Mandu, one with meat and the other 100% vegetarian. I bought three 24-ounce bags of each kind. (I also bought marinade sauces) I tried a few of each kind and they were tasty. I liked them. I am sure Maangchi's are far superior in taste. Thank you for posting lovely recipes that open horizon to new adventures in Korean food."
in King-size kimchi dumplings (Kimchi-wangmandu) — Sep/14

"Can I buy the ready-to-eat Kimchi-wangmandu in Korean grocery stores? Does it come frozen or in the refrigerator section. Thank you!"
in King-size kimchi dumplings (Kimchi-wangmandu) — Sep/14

"While you are at this Korea town Galleria Market, don't forget to go to Level P1 and visit KitchenPlus, Suite 113. Phone number is (323) 732-1160. Their selection of Korean kitchenware is vast and their prices are marked at wholesale prices. I bought my Stone Rice Pot D-20 cm for $39.99 and have been making bi-bim-bap once a week. I also frequent the Galleria Market on Reseda Blvd. in Northridge. They carry the same items also but it is less crowded."
in Koreatown Galleria Market — Jun/14

"For Kosari / Gosari, what do you recommend to use? Dried Gosari or the one that is already to use?"
in Bibimbap (Mixed rice with vegetables) — Jun/14

"I made this recipe, potato salad, and my family liked it. For the potatoes, I used red potatoes. For the English cucumber, I used Persian cucumbers. The yellow yolk was finely chopped. I am looking forward for more easy recipes, like the potato salad."
in Potato Salad — Jun/14

"Hi Maangchi, I made this recipe today. 1) Instead of flour, I used Korean Pancake Mix. 2) The zucchini was placed in a cheese cloth and excess water squeezed out. 3) I added a teaspoon+ of white powdered sugar to the mix. It turned out great and I wish I made more. Next time."
in Squash pancakes (Hobakjeon) — Feb/14