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"I have eaten at dozens of Korean restaurants and fell in love with a restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD called Ichiban that serves Japanese and Korean foods. They have a buffet lunch where they serve many delicious Korean treats including miyuk muchim -- and I mention it because they have a twist in the recipe that I haven't seen mentioned. Instead of the cucumber I saw mentioned in a comment above or sesame seeds that Maangchi your recipe included, they use julienned Korean radish -- long pieces and enough that you get some radish in every bite. The radish is soft so it seems it may have marinated in the dressing overnight or maybe it is marinated by itself and then added to the miyuk muchim later. I recommend trying it. And get this, my two year old daughter can't get enough of it!"
in Seaweed soup with beef (Miyeokguk) — Sep/10