Sancho's comments

"I always make rice "the old way." Always have, always will :) Anyway, I love cooking exotic foods. I have been making brown rice to use with my dieting and love it. I made that kimchi of yours and love it, first time I tried it and that got me started into preserving foods via fermentation, and of course Kimchi is one of those. I use for almost everything, even in places I normally use Mexican type hot sauces. It is fantastic, to say the least. Then in reheating rice (though I cook a lot, some things I make a lot of so as to have it ready anytime I want it. I make a large pot of rice then put some in the frig in a food bag and the rest in bags in the freezer. For cooking my brown rice just for the heck of it I decided to brown the rice first in a skillet with a bit of olive oil to help conduct the heat, then put it in the large pot to cook. This added another dimension to the rice flavor which I really liked, kind of a nutty quality and taste. I tasted it plain without anything other than the added salt in cooking it. I absolutely loved it and had a hard time staying out of it. Then in reheating it I still liked it. I had some which seemed to have too much water in it so when I heated it up I left it in longer to dry some. It was much better. Then... the next time I did same except added some olive oil (very little) to it and let it brown. Man, heaven was at my door. I loved it. So I have been heating it then adding olive oil, browning it some then turning it. Not a thick layer of rice, only abut an inch thick. Turning it when brown, heating more, stirring. This morning I placed some rice in the skillet and got online, forgetting about my rice. It was just plain brown rice and I had not added any olive oil to it yet. I smelled it scorching and went back, took it off the fire, took a fork and tasted it to see if it was still usable. It was OK, though some of it was totally scorched black. I turned it and finished browning the rest of it. This was without the olive oil added. It was OK, but not as good as just browned and with olive oil added. As I was eating it with some Kimchi I made from regular cabbage being as the store I was at did not have napa, I was sitting at my PC so I wondered what would show up if I googled scorched rice... and lo and behold, your site was one of many listing scorched rice :) Reading your recipe for nurungji I knew I was on the right track. Anyhow, being as it seems the way I make it with a teflon skillet and using a bit of olive oil seems much superior to your method I thought I would share it with you. Try it, you will love it, plus made in a teflon skillet (much easier than a pot) it just pours out with absolutely no problem at all, no sticking, no residue, don't even have to wash the skillet afterwards :) This "comment" is for you, though you may post it if you wish, I just thought you might like to add this to your personal cooking pleasure. To simplify this : Using a small amount of oil (about one tsp for 4 cups of rice) heat in a skillet or pan, mixing a few times, cook until most rice turns brown. Then cook as regular, for me that is 1 1/2 times water for rice. For white rice cook for 20 minutes, water just simmering. For brown rice same or slightly more water simmer for 40-45 minutes. It will always be done nice and fluffy but nothing scorched, pot easily cleaned. J W (Sancho) Thanks for your wonderful site, I will be trying more of your recipes."
in Rice, scorched rice, & scorched rice tea (Bap, nurungji, & sungnyung) — Nov/14