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"After cooking the recipe Maangchi's food really does give the same joyful expression of deliciousness she has while eating. I can make the same expression because the flavors really does taste that delicious! So yummy! Made this without the red pepper flavors. Did put in the green hot pepper which makes it spicy kick too. Super super delcious and easy, even got past the cleaning squid part. Thank you Maangchi!"
in Spicy stir fried squid (Ojingeo-bokkeum) — May/17

"yey! thanks for your link to original bulgogi recipe Maangchi! =D I can't wait to try the pear onion puree bugolgi version too! bet it's bulks of delicious. words can't describe how awesome your recipes are ^^"
in Kimchi fried rice (Kimchi-bokkeumbap) — Jul/13

"Hi Maangchi, thank you for all your awesome recipes and videos! I've used your easier version of bulgolgi marinade and the beef came out delicious! You mentioned in your present bbq bulgolgi recipe with video that you had a simpler version from years ago without video and that simple bulgolgi version was originally posted together with this kimchi rice. That simpler bulgolgi marinade doesn't have pear onion puree in it. I'm interested in switching back and fourth between your present version and simple version bulgolgi marinade that doesn't have purée in it. Can you please share the simple version again to refer back to? Thank you in advance I am fan and follower and bit anxious it moved actually if any of your wonderful recipes weren't here thank you Maangchi! =D"
in Kimchi fried rice (Kimchi-bokkeumbap) — Jul/13