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"Maangchi! You are an INSPIRATION! I came across your videos while searching for an interesting green pea soup. When I found your Kongjuk recipe, I knew I had to try it - rice cakes and all! I even made my own glutinous rice flour, and wrapped a date with flax seeds and spices! Wow! Sadly, the first time I made glutinous rice flour, I didn't soak the rice long enough. I think I have the process down - rinse dry rice until water runs clear, soak rice 24-48 hours, strain rice and rinse again - then lay out on a towel to dry before grinding into flour. I used this process last night for glutinous rice flour to go in SAMGYETANG - and OMG this soup is PHENOMENAL - I use a couple of chicken pieces with bone and a chicken breast; rather than a whole chicken - and apricots (like you suggest in the Kongjuk recipe, since I can't find jujube's) and like a Tablespoon of dried gingseng (can't find fresh here in Midwest Winter Wonderland!) OMG - This soup, I just CAN'T get enough! After straining my chicken pieces, I blended the rice and veggie's in the white broth and it became gelatinous and white and amazing - just like the Seolleongtang broth looked! I loved Samgyetang SO MUCH, that I'm planning on incorporating a couple of other chicken soup ingredients like onion or carrot to give it a bit more depth instead of rice (because I like flavor booming from everything...maybe i should soak my rice in chicken broth...) That leads me to the reason for this post - I saw you make a recipe with Dangmyeon in it, and thought those would go perfectly in Samgyetang! There are a few groceries stores in town, and I'll make my way around to finding a package of Dangmyeon somewhere! I wanted to share a link to an article I found about making these types of noodles, which I think looks REALLY cool! There's a video of a man making noodles through a colander! Maangchi, make us a Dangmyeon noodle recipe FROM SCRATCH! This article says they use Alum, but I heard that's dangerous :-( You should make it healthy! BTW, Did I mention that I'm searching out Gardenia flowers for Pickled Daikon? And I already bought most of the ingredients to make Baek-Kimchi -- since I think Kimchi is usually very spicy - lol. I'm using pecans instead of chestnuts, and couldn't find chili threads!! Have you ever tried using butternut squash or other winter squash in kimchi? Does it go mushy? I'm attaching a picture of my Samgyetang! Did I also mention that my Samgyetang stayed hot for a very long time, and I couldn't help but slurp it really hot just like you described in your video?! I felt Korean at that moment! *Thank you so much for your inspiration to make truly flavorful and delicious food in the kitchen!*"
in Starch noodles (Dangmyeon) — Feb/19