Sevenfeet's comments

"My 7th grade daughter and her friends have been interested in Korean culture this year and volunteered to run the Korean booth at her school's International Fair since the family who normally ran the Korea booth couldn't do it this year. Every booth representing a country features food. None of the girls are ethnic Korean but I cook as a hobby so I wanted to find a recipe that was approachable to 7th graders cooking (with supervision) but could be cooked the day before and brought to the school. I had never cooked a Korean dish before, but a Korean-American friend recommended this website and I saw this stew. Upon watching the video and listening about how your grandmother served this to you, I knew I had a possibility since I wanted a comfort food recipe that you would find in someone's home. I went shopping for ingredients at the local international market store and had the girls cook a meal two weeks before the event so that they could get the hang of cooking before serving it to others. Once they tasted it, they went back for seconds and thirds! So we had the girls cook it again the night before the fair, expanding the recipe by a factor of 10 (about 14 quarts of stew). And sure enough, it was a big hit at the International Fair, even with the ethnic Koreans who tasted it. We paired it with a kimchi rice that we modified for a rice cooker instead of a cooktop and that went well too. And it was all gone at the end of the fair. Thank you for a wonderful dish! The girls learned so much! We will make this again for ourselves."
in Ground soybean stew (Kongbiji-jjigae) — Mar/19