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"....Aren´t you just the best dear Maangchi <3 - giving away stuff you GET AS A GIFT due to your knowdleged of all you wonderful readers world wide... wow! ^__^ <3 If any, you are the "QUEEN" of Korean cooking... LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! cant wait to meet up again someday in the near future :) and so greatful for everything you have tought me when it comes to korean cooking/skills. I am so happy that I had the honor to meet with you here in little old Denmark.... and I would love to be one of the winners for this funny contest. And I would, as well as you... If I am one of the lucky winners.... pass it on to members of The Korea Klubben in DK at one of our social cookin events... that could be so much fun and joy! JB foods are so wise... and so right, it is not everywhere there is accec to buying korean groceries. Wish you a beautiful weekend and safe and sound trip.... YOU ARE THE AWESOME ONE! Have a great one. Take care, always <3"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"Dear Maangchi! It was such a pleasure meeting you... .^_^ thank you for your lovely time and teaching us korean cooking skills ^_^ have a safe and beautiful trip to Australia... all the best of luck. always, and big hugs all the way, Lotte :)"
in Lotte’s homemade cake — Oct/11