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"Would it also work to use left-over kimchi paste from your traditional recipe? I’m going to the new H-Mart in Paramus in the morning thank you for teaching me to cook Korean cuisine! It’s the best Cuisine in the world!!"
in Quick, fresh kimchi (Baechu-geotjeori: 배추겉절이) — Jun/18

"I saw with your hotteok video that you can make the dough ahead and keep it in the refrigerator. Can you do the same with this doughnut recipe?"
in Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi) — Apr/17

"You have to use active dry yeast. It's alive. It gives the best rise. The instant yeast isn't best for doughs that have to rise over time or rise multiple times."
in Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi) — Apr/17