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"Just wanted to add that this recipe will yield just over 4 quarts of kimchi in case you're wondering about the size/quantity of jars you may need. I packed (4) 1-quart jars and had some leftover fresh kimchi to eat right away. Delicious!"
in Easy kimchi — Nov/11

"Maangchi, you have a most excellent cooking site! I've already made your easy kimchi and cubed radish kimchi dishes and they turned out flawlessly. I didn't read the instructions, I just watched and listened to you on your videos and did what you did. How easy can that be?! Anyway, my most humble request is to ask if you could please post a video or add the recipe for ojingeochae bokkeum? I know you say this version is more soft than when you stir-fry, but I love the stir-fried version for its chewiness and stickiness! Would it be possible to stir-fry this version? Thanks you for all your hard work! Cary"
in Seasoned dried shredded squid (Ojingeochae-muchim) — Nov/11