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"Maangchi.. I bought frozen rice flour from a different korean store today. I've made this dduk before but with a rice flour that had no salt. This one has ingredients listed as: Flour, Water, Salt. Will the dduk turn out salty or do you think I can use it? You commented to someone else to use one without salt so I wasn't sure if it's worth the time to try it. If this is not the right rice flour, what can I do with it? Also, Do you think I can make this in a steamer that fits on top of a pot? Before I borrow my Emo's huge steamer like the one in your video, but I was wondering if I could just fill the steamer basket that came with one of my pots. I know that all the holes are covered then so i was just wondering if you've ever tried it."
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — Jan/13

"The first time I tried it, I used soy beans. The second time I used black beans.. both times they were unedible! hahah. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try boiling it longer. I WILL try it again. :) I love your recipes! :)"
in Braised Soybeans (Kongjorim) — Jul/10

"Hi Maangchi.. I have tried this recipe two times and both times the kong comes out extremely dry in the center. Because it was dry the first time I made this I soaked the beans and extra day (more than 24 hours) and it still comes up pretty dry in the center.. not chewy at all. What am I doing wrong?"
in Braised Soybeans (Kongjorim) — Jun/10