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"I made mapadubu a few days ago! I used minced chicken breast instead of pork, but I imagine chopped chicken thigh would have added a deeper flavour. However it was SO delicious! A little spicy, green-tasting and oniony, sweet (I added teaspoon of sugar) and smoky. It's a quite heavy dish, with lots of protein so it's nicely filling. I served with sushi rice, kimchi and sigeumchi-namul. Actually the taste is similar to a meaty curry which made this dish comforting to me as someone who grew up eating Bangladeshi food :)"
in Korean-style mapo tofu (Mapadubu: 마파두부) — Nov/21

"My yaksik was so delicious! It makes a huge amount that I froze and ate it on some days during Ramadan (the Islamic month where we fast from sunrise to sunset) as a healthy energy snack! It is sweet and salty and the nuts/cranberries gave an awesome crunch and taste! The easiest way for me to cook this was to soak the sticky rice for 5+ hours, add equals parts of the rice and water to a bowl and microwave for at least ten minutes until the rice is soft (add more water if it's still undercooked). I added the seasoning sauce, caramel and dried fruits to the bowl, mixed and microwaved until the rice absorbs everything."
in Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts (Yaksik) — May/21