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"Com sumida Maangchi! Thank you so much for creating this site! And Sharing all of your wonderful recipes. I am not Korean but Asian and my husband is Korean. I have learned some dishes From my in laws and yours really is so helpful! My Omani does not measure so I have learned and changed some of her recipes. I have sent your site to so many of my friends and family that loves Korean food, and has been so successful at making it! I just wanted to add that when making the pancake any variation. I have found that using Pelligrino Ice Cold (like tempura) makes an even crispier pancake. I was watching a iron chef show and they used ice cold vodka for a frying dish and I had a lot of pelligrino at home so decided to try! Much crispier maybe due to the bubbles? I also treated my pancake much like an American pancake. When I let the pancake fry for a while one one side before turning. I did press down after turning and left fry more. I seem to make a crispier pancake that also stayed crispier longer. It works well with savory fried dishes because of the salt in the minerals. You are the best! Thank you for sharing the love of Korean cooking!"
in Grandma style kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — Sep/16