Speakyword's comments

"My mum was in the hospital for 2 months recently and was having a hard time eating. For a while, this was all she wanted because it was tasty, healthy and she could keep it down easily. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! It felt great to bring her something wholesome and homemade. I made a few changes. As it's hard to dip the chicken separately when one is sitting up in bed, I just put the pieces of chicken back into the porridge. I also added a little bit if ginger when I added the rice. I reduced the garlic slightly. I used around 3 bulbs of garlic instead of 1.5 cups which came to a bit more than that... also, I used a litre of chicken stock to replace some of the water. In any case, it was super delicious!!!! New staple food for me too."
in Chicken and rice porridge (Dakjuk) — Nov/16