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"Wow! I love ur green bowl! Very sophisticated! I would love to put some food in it :P btw did u punched a hole in ur cheese or it comes in that way?"
in My shopping in Mexico — Feb/11

"I want the free cookbook coz i love cooking with Maangchi's recipes!! ^^ I hope i win one! I will show off to my sister if i get it coz my sister is also a big fan of yours but since her cooking is a mess she never took any pictures :P *oops i didnt say that*"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"Wow.. u made all those?? Looking good!! Shame on me.. i always choose easy recipes :P"
in Suzanne Sutherland — Feb/11

"I really want to make this but i cant find the colourful dried seasoning here and i dislike olives, so.... :(( btw anyway we can make yubu by ourself? maybe just cut tofu thinly and deep fried then dip in some kind of sweet sauce?? (wats in the sauce??)"
in Fried tofu stuffed with rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥) — Feb/11

"I'm happy to be able to get connected again! Was visiting my parents for chinese new year and been busy for the past few weeks.. Hopefully i will be cooking delicious korean food again soon! ^^V"
in Sriwanti — Feb/11

"thank you ladybird :)"
in Sriwanti — Feb/11

"Thank you ^_^V"
in Sriwanti — Feb/11

"Hi Sandy Bell.. God bless u n ur family too.. Thank you for stopping by my fanpage :)"
in Sriwanti — Feb/11

"Hi Mi Jung... Yes i really like Korean food!! I would love to travel to Korea to try the food out when my son is a little older :) Nice to meet u!"
in Sriwanti — Feb/11

"Hi maangchi, i made this and posted it thru flickr but my flickr account name is crystalbutterfly.. i added carrot and use red chilli instead of green (to make it colourful) thanks for ur recipe... :) but i failed with kimchijeon.. it's mushy so i added batter n fried 2nd time turned out ok just too much flour.. hahahaa..."
in Vegetable pancake (Yachaejeon) — Dec/10