stefafra's comments

"When I do stuff with pumpkin or squash that needs prekooking usually I microwave it with a bit of water (1/2 cup or so) in a partially covered container. This shorten the cooking time a lot, and is very practical. Need to try this cake as soon as possible, I love all pumpkiny stuff ;-)"
in Squash rice cake (Hobaktteok) — Sep/15

"I made this but filled the dumplings with chestnut jam, as I had a pot that needed to be used and I was too lazy to make red bean paste. Only problem is that the chestnut paste I have is much softer than red bean paste, no way to make a ball with it, so I had to pull the mochi dough on the filling, and the little dumpling ended up more like eggs than like balls. That took a bit of trial and error fidgeting... I "had" to eat the 2 most misshapen ones on the spot, poor things ;-) But anyway, they were very yummy indeed. And very fast too make, once I got the hand of flattening the very elastic dough."
in Chapssaltteok (Korean-style mochi) — Feb/12

"Try in a Vietnamese shop, that's where I bought my flour (in Switzerland)....If you live close to a medium big city it should be possible to find it."
in Pan-fried sweet rice cakes with edible flowers (Hwajeon: 화전) — Feb/12