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"Looks so refreshing!"
in Naengmyeon time! — Aug/15

"Looks like so much fun! What an awesome idea to have non-Koreans cook. :)"
in Judging the 2015 Global Taste of Korea contest — Jul/15

"What a beautiful girl. Gimbap looks professional! :)"
in Maggie Lo — Jul/15

"Looks delicious! I'm making your japchae today! :)"
in Hobakjeon — Jul/15

"That looks absolutely delicious. Happy 4th maangchi!"
in My July 4th 2015 dakgangjeong! — Jul/15

"Jeannesho, wow, perfect browning :) This looks scrumptious!"
in my first and very bread rolls! — Jun/15

"I had naengmyeon last week! This looks scrumptious. I am loving your cookbook, it's a lifesaver :) Thanks so much for teaching us your inside cooking tips and tricks - you've made a huge difference in my life!"
in Cold noodle soup! — Jun/15

"Wow, this looks awesome!"
in Sundubu jjigae! — Jun/15

"Ooh what a fantastic idea to use heirloom eggs! That'll make the shrimp a beautiful orange yellow - even more appetizing. I'll definitely do that - thanks so much for the tip! :)"
in Shrimp Pancakes (Saeujeon) — Jun/15

"Maangchi, you look great in this clip! Your recipes mean the world to me. I've always been an awful cook, but since I've been using your recipes, I get tons of compliments! You are a genius, thanks so much for your brilliant teaching :)"
in Making bulgogi with The New York Times — Jun/15

"Omg Tosin, your nurungi is perfect! All of your dishes look like they were made by a professional chef :) Wow, this is so much fun looking at everyone's dishes :)"
in Perfect rice and nurungji! — Jun/15

"Maangchi, this looks amazing! I'm super excited to make this for a dinner party next week. :) Thanks so much, your recipes mean the world to me :)"
in Shrimp Pancakes (Saeujeon) — Jun/15

"Dave, that looks amazing! Awesome job :) Maangchi's recipes have been invaluable to me. It's so much fun to see everyone's dishes!"
in Spicy Braised Chicken(Dak-bokkeumtang) — Jun/15

"I was having bulgogi at the same time! Of course it was your bulgogi recipe :) I can't cook to save my life. When I cook on my own, it just doesn't taste good. It's still fun though. But every time I use your recipes, everyone LOVES the food, I LOVE the food, all of the food is gone, and I get tons of compliments. My friends literally keep reminiscing on how good my food was, even days later. Now that is real fun!! :) You're such an awesome person to share and teach your amazing talent and skills. You have made a world of difference in my epicurean life. Really can't thank you enough :) Hugs to you Maangchi, and Happy Memorial weekend! :)"
in Bulgogi on the grill! — May/15