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"Dear Maangchi-ssi! Over months I've been watching your wonderfully inspiring videos now... And not only have I been cooking corean food for my family (six children and my husband and also for my mother and her husband) - all recipes coming from your blog - but I've also made german videos presenting your corean recipes on my Youtube Channel Sugarprincess and posted the recipes in german on my blog to introduce your wonderful recipes to my readers. So now I wanted to say thank you again and let you know... One of my favourite dishes is your Tteokbokki - and you can see that I have followed your recipe in almost all steps... If you visit Heidelberg some day... be very welcome to my house and we'll cook and eat together! Many, many greetings from far away Germany! Yours, Yushka - Blog and Youtube"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Feb/18

"Dear Maangchi-ssi! Finished making this kimchi just two days ago - so delicious and beautiful we could not wait to try it... and it's been so good! This week we are going to visit my mother and I'll be cooking korean food for her one whole week long - of course using your amazing recipes! I think she'll love it! And here are some photgraphs of our kimchi experiment. Best wishes and many greetings from Germany. Yushka and family."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jul/17

"Dear Maangchi-ssi! Me and my eldest daughter prepared the paste and the doughnuts a few days ago - so delicious and beautiful!!! My whole family loved it and today I had to cook red bean paste again... :) May I ask why you changed your recipe for the red bean paste from adding three cups of water to seven cups and from keeping the skins to discarding it? I tried out both recipes and for me the first one (with skins) tasted somehow better although I understand that for making patisserie the very smooth paste without skins should be first choice. Anyway - here is a photograph of our team work... Many, many admiring greetings from Germany."
in Sweet, chewy, doughnut balls filled with sweet red beans (Chapssal doughnuts) — Jul/17