Sunghwa's comments

"Hello, Maangchi! I tried this recipe yesterday, as part of a (late) Mother's Day/Parents' Day dinner. I was really nervous because I am an amateur at cooking, and my mom has been cooking all kinds of food for a long time, especially Korean food. I only put the sauce on half the batch (and saved the leftover) because I was hesitant. But it turned out she loved it! She was very impressed with the sauce, and when I told her that ssalyeot was part of the recipe, she was very surprised! She said it was the best chicken she's tasted so far--very crunchy and savory--and that I could go ahead and put the sauce on the rest of the chicken. Thank you so much!! I'm glad I was able to treat her with this delicious recipe! :)"
in Seasoned fried chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak) — May/16