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"Maangchi, my mom told me I shouldn't clean these earthenware bowls with soap like I do with regular dishes, because it's porous. What's an easy way to clean them? When I make steamed egg, it's taking a long time to scrape off the egg stuck to the sides (with my fingernails!) and bottom when I wash with water."
in Earthenware bowl — Mar/18

"The ketchup doesn't look very pretty but it was a success! I would suggest using a ketchup bottle that is not almost empty."
in Omurice “Omelette rice” (Omeu-raiseu: 오므라이스) — Mar/17

"Made this today as well and it tastes very healthy!"
in Ginseng jujube tea (Insam-daechucha) — Dec/16

"Mine did not rise as much as yours did, but three of them "leaked" a little. Still a very tasty snack though!"
in Crunchy balloon bread (Gonggal-ppang: 공갈빵) — Dec/16