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"I love this recipe!! Mine isn't as vibrant purple because I can't find nice Asian eggplants around here so I use the fatter, darker purpleones, but this is my second week making a big batch to eat for breakfast every day before school. I really like the soft juiciness of the eggplant with plenty of garlic flavour :D"
in Eggplant side dish (Gaji-namul) — May/18

"Great recipe!! I made a batch for my breakfasts this week and it kept me full and gave me lots of energy for school. I like how it's quite sweet so it balances out other spicy/salty banchan really well. I also tossed some into my bibimbap for dinner and I even still have enough for next weeks breakfasts :D"
in Geomeun-kongjorim (Braised black beans) — May/18