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"Dear Maangchi, This is my 3rd attempt. Sadly, the sauce is still turning out wrong. Could it be that I'm using the Splenda instead of regular sugar? It comes out too watery or in burnt chunks. I came to the U.S. when I was finished with 1st grade. Therefore, the few things I remember well about Korea are the foods. My girls had just made the Ppopgi and Hotteok during their snow days. (Thank you, by the way, for the recipes.)"
in Candied sweet potato (Mattang: 맛탕) — Jan/14

"My girls are allergic to nuts, therefore tahini was a great idea. By the way, one of my new year's resolutions was to learn 5 new recipes. My family has been home for 6 days because of the snow. I've already reached goal- thanks to your website. Please, come to DC!!!"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Jan/14