Suzykanoozy's comments

"Thanks for the okra tip, as soon as my seaweed gets here I can't wait to cook this for my upcoming birthday, I see you are also in Mi, I am very north, I hope I can find Okra when I go the distance tomorrow to the Soo."
in Seaweed soup with beef (Miyeokguk) — Apr/21

"I love every thing about this store, I miss it so very much that when I go down state it is the most important store I go to. It takes 6 hours. The prices keep me coming back because otherwise I would have to go to Lansing. There's a great oriental market over by Trowbridge there where the Korean restaurants are, but the prices don't compare. I hope this store never leaves my home area. I wish there were some Korean establisments in Northern Michigan, there is Thai in da U.P. One in Munising, and one in St. Ignas. But it's just not Korean........"
in Seoul Oriental Market — Nov/13