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"Hello Maangchi! My husband is Korean and I've been using your recipes for the past three years. I really love this soy bean side dish! I cook it very often (in the process of cooking it now actually) :). Just wanted to point out that the proportions you have in the video and the ones you described in the written recipe are a bit different - in the video you use 1/2 cup of sugar, but the written recipe indicates as 1/3 cup. As well as very important step (at least for my oven) in the video you leave soy beans for 30 min at the low heat, but in the recipe you described to leave them at the medium heat. Once I cooked this side dish following your written recipe, and it totally failed :( because of the medium heat the beans completely burned out."
in Braised Soybeans (Kongjorim) — Dec/17