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"Just made this yesterday. My sister hadn't had dinner yet and came into the kitchen while I was cooking. She was like "Oooh, what is that?!" and asked for one. I gave her one and she loved it! She was really disappointed when I told her that I needed for the rest of them for my school lunches since she gets lunch for free at school already. I'm definitely going to make this again. :) Not only did my sister love it, I love it too! I wrapped mine in aluminum foil and had my first one today along with some homemade kimchi from the local Korean grocery store. Yum! Thank you so much for your recipes, Maangchi! I love them!"
in Gimbap — Aug/18

"I just made this for breakfast for me and my dad this morning(I used jarred jalapeno pepper slices instead of fresh jalapenos) and it was so good! Our potatoes(two medium) didn't have as much water, so the 감자전 ended up being a little thicker and didn't hold together as well as it should have. Instead, we had 1 smaller 5-inch 감자전 and three smaller rectangular-ish pieces...but it was delicious anyway! I love the jalapenos in the sauce; I had added less than Maangchi had because I thought that otherwise, the spice would be overwhelming, but now I know that the amount she added was perfectly appropriate! :) 감사합니다! 우리 정말 좋아했습니다."
in Simple potato pancake (Gamjajeon: 감자전) — Aug/18